How Can I Set Up an Account?

There are two options we can provide. Customers can be set up for automatic payment with our credit card application. Payment is processed on the card once the order is delivered to you. Customers can also apply for terms by filling out our credit application. Once approved, customers are set up with a limit, with NET 30 terms. You can find the credit card and credit application in the welcome package.

What Are Your Payment Options?

We accept cash, cheque, debit and credit card (Visa & Mastercard).

Do You Do IT As Well?

Yes, our sister company – Discovernet Ltd. provides full office IT solutions. Please inquire with our VP of Sales, Shawn Huelin for more information (shuelin@laserage.on.ca).

Do You Do Installations & Network Setups?

Yes, pricing is assessed on a case by case basis. Please speak to our Sales Team for more details (info@laserage.on.ca).

Are You Able to Provide Printer Repair Services Outside of Ontario?

Yes, we have a network of service technicians across Canada that can serve you more efficiently.

Do You Sell Used Printers?

Yes, we offer refurbished printers depending on availability. Not all printer models are available; please inquire with our Sales Team. (info@laserage.on.ca).

Do You Buy Back Used Cartridges/Printers?

We currently do not buy back any used cartridges or printers. We donate some of our used equipment to Golden Horseshoe Green Tech, a not-for-profit community organization that provides youths in Hamilton with new employment, volunteer and learning opportunities in the Information Technology field. The collection of e-waste provides at-risk and disadvantaged youth and young adults the opportunity to learn new skills. To learn more about GHGT, check out their website.http://www.ghgt.ca/

Do You Sell Printer Parts?

Yes, we sell printer parts as needed after a diagnostic by our service technicians. A quote will be provided for the part requested. All parts ordered without our service technician’s diagnosis are subject to final sale and a part number will need to be provided by you.

What Are Your Service Rates?

For onsite local service we charge $95/hr. We also do indepot service at $75/hr. Please call for other areas or special equipment requests.

Can You Deliver Outside of Ontario?

Yes, we can deliver all across Canada.

How Fast Do You Deliver?

Provided that we have the cartridge in stock or if our supplier has the item in stock, we do next day delivery. Best effort would be in 48hrs. We will notify you of any backorders or delays.

Can You Deliver?

Yes, we provide a daily delivery service for our supplies orders. Deliveries are out the door by 9:30am. Any equipment or special orders can be arranged or shipped directly from our supplier to you.

Where Are Your Remanufactured Cartridges Manufactured?

All of our cartridges are purchased from North American companies with strict ISO standards.

What is the Difference Between New Compatible and Remanufactured?

A new compatible cartridge is made from all new parts that are copied to mimic an OEM cartridge. None of the parts are recycled, all components are brand new. A remanufactured cartridge is made from a combination of new and recycled components. It is created by taking the OEM shell and taking it through a process of cleaning, examining, replacing wearable parts, filling it with toner and testing the cartridge. OEM cartridges are made of high quality parts to minimize any issues and to produce a great quality print. A remanufactured cartridge retails as many of these original components in order to produce a high quality aftermarket product.

Do You Refill Cartridges?

We do not refill our cartridges. We remanufacture. The difference between refill and remanufacture is that with refill cartridges, a simple drill and fill is done. A hole is drilled and only the toner is replaced. When a cartridge is remanufactured, the toner is replaced including all wearable parts on the cartridge such as wiper blades, mag sleeves and drum. This ensures better quality for you.

Is There a Warranty on Your Cartridges?

We have a one year warranty on all of our remanufactured toner cartridges. For OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplies, we offer a 30-60 day warranty subject to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Do You Have a Deadline for Toner Orders?

If orders are made before 9:00am and we have it in stock, it will be delivered the same day. For orders placed throughout the day, we ask that you place an order by 3:00pm to ensure your order is placed and set for timely delivery.

What Brands Do You Sell?

We are not brand specific. We sell all brands – HP, Lexmark, Brother, Samsung, Xerox, Memjet, etc.

How Do I Place a Toner Order or Service Call If You Are Closed?

There are 3 options for toner orders and service calls. A helpful team member will call or email to confirm your supplies order or schedule a service call on the next business day.

  1. Call us at 905-548-0444 and leave us a voicemail message with your name, company, phone number and order or issue with printer.
  2. Email your supply order or printer issues to info@laserage.on.ca.
  3. You can also go online here and submit an order or service request with our online form.
What Are Your Operating Hours?

The office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm. There are other ways to get a hold of us, see below for more details

What Makes You Different Than Big Box Stores?

Large, big-box stores can’t offer the same level of expertise from their staff, and are often guilty of dumping excess, poor quality, unreliable, unserviceable inventory.

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