Enterprise Printing Solutions

Enterprise Printing Solutions

An effective Managed Print Services (MPS) solution provides necessary resources to help you manage your printers efficiently and cost effectively. For some larger organizations, that can simply mean having discounted supplies delivered just-in-time so employees can remain productive. For other enterprises, managed print services means completely outsourcing the tasks involved in managing the entire printer fleet to a third party print solutions provider.

This type of Managed Print Services solution includes not only supplies replenishment, but also preventive and break/fix maintenance services as well as measuring and managing print volumes on each device. In either case, the objectives for implementing an MPS solution typically include reducing costs and improving efficiencies. You maintain control, we take on the risk.
One key benefit for large organizations is: simplified accounting. Managed Print Services customers receive a monthly, itemized invoice for the number and type of prints made across their print fleet. It includes everything needed to accurately review, reconcile, and forecast your office printing budget. Cumulative data helps you identify excess printing trouble spots and make appropriate adjustments.
When we say “print” we mean the total cost of managing and optimizing your printers, their output, and the people and processes that support these devices. This includes:

  • Pages produced by office workers, mobile workers and production print operations
  • Office desktop printers, multifunction printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines and high-volume printers
  • Materials sent out for quick printing, offset printing, mailing and distribution
  • IT help desk support, technical service, maintenance, and add, move and change requests
  • Paper, ink, toner and other supplies and consumables

Add up the costs of “printing” and it accounts for a large chunk — as much as 15% of a business’s annual spending. Through managed print services, you can outsource print management and cut costs by as much as 30%.

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