Managed Print Services

Simplify your business with Managed Print Services (MPS).

Printing should be easy, seamless and affordable. You require print equipment that works optimally, improves organizational productivity and there should always be an appropriate quantity of print supplies available. It does not always happen in this perfect scenario, but it should!

The first step of LaserAge Inc.’s Managed Print Services (MPS) is our cost per print program, which provides organizations the opportunity to take advantage of real operational cost savings from day one. We provide additional savings by focusing valuable IT resources on project delivery, rather than allocating IT resources to printer-related issues.

MPS also saves soft dollars by simplifying ordering and vendor management of multiple suppliers. With Managed Print Services, there’s no need to keep an inventory of supplies on hand. You get next-day delivery whenever any device requires more. With our Managed Print Services Assistant print monitoring software, you get real-time visibility of your networked print fleet and can order supplies or service online from a single, dedicated supplier.

Each individual print device alone may appear to be saving your company money, but the cumulative costs of printing account for as much as 15% of a company’s annual spending. Instead of dealing with multiple suppliers and manufacturers, LaserAge is able to condense this process by managing your print services accordingly. Through utilizing managed print services, your company can outsource print management and reduce print costs by as much as 30%.

We understand your core business is not printing and imaging, it is ours.

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